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Entry #5

Getting back into the swing of things

2012-02-26 22:09:15 by takahata101

its always hard to get back into something after being out of it for a while. In this case it would have to be voice acting. Purousing the usual spots for Online V/O work has proven this as it seems most of said usual spots have become barren of any truly interesting content to audition for.

None the less! i shall try my best at finding new and intresting things to involve myself in! (sounded dirty while writing it)



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2012-02-26 22:13:30

Same problem, really. Why not just do your own thing. Like you do great with Hellsing Abridged, why not continue that? It's what I do.


2012-02-26 22:35:49

yeah, keep up on making things, you seem very good.


2012-02-27 00:58:26

Best of luck to you!


2015-04-27 11:39:32