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time to get to business

2011-02-20 00:12:26 by takahata101

lets face it... i have fallen out of the limelite with my voice acting outside of abridged series.

this needs to be remedied!

so as of right now i am actively looking to voice act in up coming flash videos rather it be by a newer flash artist or an older one!

in other words...

its GO time


time to get to business


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2011-02-20 00:26:20

sweet.If I need any voicesfor a video,I will definitely ask you.also,confident asian ftw.


2011-02-20 00:31:13 16630

If you're really interested, post there.


2011-02-20 03:02:35

Awesome! I need SO many voices right now! Yourse would be awesome! Check out my profile, get back to me and I'll send you the scripts!! Also, I'll need an official copy of your autograph. jksjks but seriously, i want an autograph.


2011-02-21 18:44:27

Dude You're awesome and hellsing ultimate abridged is the best. Can you do a character or 2 for me in the greatest original series ever? hit me at