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cons cons and MORE cons!

2010-03-10 00:34:07 by takahata101

gonna be hitting up sakuracon 2010 this year. it will be my secodn year going so i am very much so looking forward to it!


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2010-04-03 22:33:23

Yo, sorry not to really post on your post, but just checked out the "Parody Rangers Abridged" spoof, excellent. I'm a big fan of the DBZ abridged series, and kinda pulled a bunch of my pals into it too, so I was kinda surprised to see you on NG too. Keep up the awesome work!


2010-05-01 23:33:06

guess who it is... =D i think u know better than anyone anyway keep up the nice work and hopfully ill see you at comic-con (-_- i really wanna go)


2010-05-18 11:09:15

Taka if you come back next year I'm going to make sure not to miss out on your pannel. Promise!


2010-08-04 16:35:19

hi. its meeeeee. Gogoetarules...... NAPPA