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*dramatic pose*

2010-01-11 22:55:56 by takahata101

Well it was about time i buckled down and made my own newgrounds account!

Well i'm takahata101 from Team Four Star as well as many other youtube based fan parodies : D
I am known for voicing on


On yugioh: the abridged series:

kirbopher first approached myself and several other members of the team (kiaserneko and lanipator) to assist in writing "so there was this one time" and since then i have been cast in several of his flashes such as "the fallen" "revenge of the lawlin"

so now that i have put my foot forward on this new frontier that is Newgrounds i hope to find fortune most plentiful.

that aside if you wish to scout me please send me a PM :D
You can find my demo here : D fopQ

taka signing out


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2010-01-12 05:54:42

ok cool